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​Maximize your Cash Out Refinance with a COMBO Loan

Derek Bissen, September 1 2021

Are you considering refinancing your home to save money, do some home improvements or consolidate bills?  These days, it can be a really smart move, especially with home values trending upwards. Putting your home equity to work requires financing, and usually the first choice for most homeowners is a fixed-rate Conventional mortgage.  The advantage...

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What is an Earnest Money Deposit?

Derek Bissen, August 25 2021

It's a check or sometimes a wire that is sent to the title company, not your lender, but through the title company in the transaction. The title company holds on to those funds throughout the transaction, and on the day of closing, it's released to the buyer. It might help to think of an Earnest Money Deposit sort of like a "down payment on your do...

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Meet the 10 Parties Involved in Most Real Estate Transactions

Derek Bissen, August 13 2021

Whether you're buying a home or selling a home, it takes a village to successfully pull off a real estate transaction.  Most people are aware of the top 3, but there can be as many as 10 parties in a typical transaction.  There can actually be more than ten. 1.  BUYERS & SELLERS - this is a given, but technically, they're the most important. A...

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Title Companies - The Most Common Business in Florida Real Estate Transactions

Derek Bissen, August 12 2021

​What’s the most common business in Florida real estate transactions?  Is it: If you guessed Title Insurance Companies—​congratulations, you're correct!  (and yes, the title of the post kinda gave away the answer) A Title Insurance Company is a business that’s at the very center of ​nearly ​every single real estate transaction, ​whether it's a For-...

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VA Q&A - Top 5 Questions about VA Appraisals

Derek Bissen, August 4 2021

VA appraisals are a type of home appraisal performed by a licensed Appraiser. They're very similar to a standard real estate appraisal report you'd expect to see on a Conventional Home Loan or FHA Home Loan.  To be eligible to perform a VA Appraisal, a licensed appraiser is required to obtain a special certification, over and above their normal lic...

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Derek Bissen, July 27 2021

Whether you're making your payments, you're in deferment, Income-Based Repayment (IBR), or even if you're in Forbearance, student loans will have an impact on your home loan approval. How much or how little? That depends on your exact situation, but here is everything you need to know.

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Marital Status and Florida Real Estate

Derek Bissen, July 27 2021

Whether you're single, married, divorced, separated or widowed, your marital status plays an important part in obtaining financing here in the state of Florida.  It's one of the questions on the Uniform Residential Loan Application that every mortgage lender uses, from coast to coast.

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​Foreign National Programs – Help for Non-US Citizens to Buy a Home in Florida

Derek Bissen, July 7 2021

​If you’re not a US citizen, but you want to set up roots in the state of Florida, you need a Foreign National Program with flexible underwriting guidelines and great rates. While the Foreign National Program isn’t the same as a traditional mortgage found at your local bank or credit union, it’s a great program for non-US citizens, offering many...

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Can you use Cryptocurrency to buy a home?

Derek Bissen, May 20 2021

With the recent boom in crypto currency, many investors are looking to use their cryptocurrency wealth to buy a home.  Some homebuyers are using their cryptocurrency to fund the down payment and closing costs on their new home; but there's a catch...and if you're unprepared, it can quickly lead to a swift loan denial.

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​Conventional Home Loans – The Most Versatile Loan Program

Derek Bissen, May 20 2021

​Whether you're a first time homebuyer, an experienced homebuyer or even if you're looking to buy an investment home, conventional financing has something to offer.  If you’re a traditional borrower, meaning you can verify your income, have decent credit, and have money to put down on a home, the conventional home loan can be a great option....

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