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Derek Bissen, November 30 2023

Supercharge your Cashflow using Prepayment Penalties on DSCR Loans

Welcome back, property investors! Today, we delve deep into the realm of DSCR loans, focusing on the strategic use of prepayment penalties to optimize your investment portfolio.

Understanding Prepayment Penalties 

A prepayment penalty, often encountered in the landscape of DSCR loans, is a fee charged when you pay off a loan ahead of schedule, either partially or in full, beyond a stipulated limit. This fee is agreed upon during the initial structuring of your financing and has a direct impact on the terms of your new loan. Notably, these penalties are legally permissible only on investment properties, not on personal or secondary residences.

Navigating State Regulations and Loan Terms 

Keep in mind, the legality and structure of prepayment penalties can vary by state. Consulting with your loan originator during the application process is crucial to understand the specific terms applicable to your investment.

The Mechanics of Prepayment Penalties 

There are typically two scenarios where you might incur a prepayment penalty:

The structure of these penalties is closely tied to the pricing of your loan, offering potential benefits like lower rates and/or reduced upfront fees. The duration of the prepayment period you accept correlates directly with the benefits you receive.

Types of Prepayment Penalties 

Historically, prepayment penalties were categorized as 'hard' or 'soft,' depending on the circumstances leading to the early payoff. Nowadays, most are 'hard' penalties, meaning the reason for early payment—be it sale of the property OR refinancing—does not influence the applicability of the penalty.

Duration Varieties and Their Impact 

Lenders usually offer prepayment penalties with durations of 0-3 years or 0-5 years. Each duration has its unique benefits in terms of interest rate savings and upfront cost reductions. Regardless of the type, the rule of thumb here, is that the longer the prepayment period, the more significant the potential savings.

Crafting a Strategy with Prepayment Penalties 

These penalties can be a powerful tool for fine-tuning your financing package, affecting both interest rates and upfront costs. For instance, if you anticipate a drop in interest rates in the near future, opting for a 1-2 year prepayment penalty can yield significant savings, enhancing your investment's bottom line.

Assessing Risks and Opportunities 

Real estate investing inherently involves risk, but understanding market trends and neighborhood evolutions can help you manage this risk effectively. Prepayment penalties, while a risk, can also be a strategic advantage in the right circumstances. 

Partnering with Your Loan Originator 

Transparency with your loan originator is key. By communicating your goals, you can tailor the prepayment penalty structure to suit your needs, choosing from several options to find the one that aligns best with your investment strategy.

In conclusion, prepayment penalties on DSCR loans, when used wisely, can be a potent tool in your real estate investment arsenal. By understanding their nuances and strategically applying them to your investments, you can optimize your loan terms and amplify your investment returns.

How to Run Your Own DSCR Scenarios

Utilize our free tools like our own DSCR CALCULATOR to run your own loan scenarios for potential investments.

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Yours in successful homeownership,

Derek Bissen
Loan Originator
Unconventional Lending Program Director


Derek Bissen is a licensed Mortgage Loan Originator with over 25 years of experience in the industry. Derek is a self-employed lending expert who is known for his ability to work with borrowers who have substantial wealth and non-traditional lending needs. He is a creative loan structurer and specializes in portfolio lending, asset-based lending, bank statement lending, as well as traditional loans such as Conventional, FHA, VA, and first-time homebuyers. Derek's expertise in the mortgage industry is unparalleled. He is a trusted advisor to his clients, providing them with customized loan solutions that meet their unique financial goals and needs. His vast experience and knowledge make him a valuable asset to anyone looking to purchase a home or refinance their existing mortgage. As a highly-experienced loan originator and author, Derek is committed to sharing his knowledge with others. He regularly provides valuable insights and advice to readers looking to navigate the complex world of mortgage lending. His articles are informative, engaging, and backed by years of hands-on experience. With his wealth of knowledge and dedication to his clients, he is the go-to source for all your mortgage lending needs. If you're looking for a reliable and trustworthy mortgage expert, contact Derek today to learn more about how he can help you achieve your financial goals.

Written by

Derek Bissen

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