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Private Client Portfolio:

Our personalized portfolio loan solution designed for the unique lending needs of well-qualified and high net-worth individuals.

Tired of being denied for traditional bank loans or Jumbo loans that don't account for your level of financial sophistication?

Our hand-underwritten Private Client Portfolio home loan program is designed specifically for well-qualified applicants with loan scenarios that don't fit into the rigid "box" of traditional mortgage lending.

Unlike traditional bank loans that rely on computer-driven underwriting decisions, our experienced underwriters take a careful and nuanced approach to your entire financial profile when making a lending decision.

If you've outgrown your bank, credit union, or mortgage broker, give us a call today.



  • Larger loan amounts: We can lend from $100,000 loan amounts up to $3MM.  This is our most flexible full-doc Jumbo home loan as well.

  • Close in the name of a Trust or LLC: Yes, we allow you to close the home in the name of your trust or LLC, subject to conditions.  Consult loan originator for details.

  • No Credit Score Requirements: We do not use the applicant's credit scores for the purposes of pricing or qualification. We perform our own evaluation of the applicant's entire credit profile and background.

  • Common Sense Underwriting:  Our loan originators and underwriting team proactively seek ways to make an application work, using the applicant's strengths to balance potential shortfalls.

  • Income calculation: This is where high net-worth individuals often run into trouble on a traditional bank loan program. The good news is that this is where we shine.  Unlike the typical bank or credit union, we are very experienced with scenarios like this to ensure that all available income is used to qualify.  

  • Flexible Asset-Based Income Calculation: Many of our clients have substantial wealth, but sometimes lack the necessary income on their tax returns to qualify for a traditional Conventional or Jumbo home loan. Our unique formulation of income allows us to calculate over 33% more income for qualification purposes than a Conventional loan, and can open more possibilities for applicants buying bigger homes.

    We DO NOT require you to move your money around in exchange for a home loan, enabling you to keep your trusted financial advisors and investment relationships in place as you see fit.

  • No Escrow Account Requirement: We do not manage escrows for property taxes or homeowners insurance.  Only homes located in FEMA-designated Flood Zones are required to escrow.  

  • Non-typical income types accepted on a case-by-case basis:

    • Newly Self-Employed • Newly- 1099'd • High-Dollar Employment Contract Work (Entertainers, Professional Athlete, Law Firm Partner, etc.)

This is not a commitment to lend.  Not all borrowers will qualify for the loan programs listed.  All program terms and conditions are subject to change and may be discontinued without prior notice. Contact loan originator for program questions and scenarios.