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Derek Bissen, November 29 2023

Maximizing Real Estate Investments: A Guide to No Ratio DSCR Loans

In the dynamic landscape of property investment, savvy investors are constantly seeking innovative financial tools to leverage their portfolios. One such groundbreaking instrument is the No Ratio Debt Service Coverage Ratio (DSCR) Loan. Tailored for both seasoned and novice real estate investors, this variant of DSCR loans offers unique advantages, especially in challenging investment scenarios.

Understanding No Ratio DSCR Loans

The essence of a No Ratio DSCR Loan lies in its streamlined process. Unlike traditional DSCR loans, where lenders calculate the loan's feasibility by analyzing gross rents against expenses, No Ratio DSCR Loans skip this step. 

This omission simplifies the approval process but doesn’t compromise the thoroughness of the financial evaluation. An appraisal report and a market rental analysis remain integral to the process, ensuring a balanced and informed lending decision.

The Trade-offs and Advantages

While No Ratio DSCR Loans provide a simplified path to financing, they also introduce specific trade-offs. Chief among these is the aspect of lower leverage or Loan-to-Value (LTV) ratios. Additionally, these loans demand stricter credit score requirements. Understanding these nuances is crucial in determining whether this loan type aligns with your investment strategy.

Loan-to-Value (LTV) Ratios and Credit Scores for No Ratio DSCR Loans:

As you can see, these tiered LTV ratios highlight the importance of a strong credit profile in accessing more favorable loan terms. 

Disclaimer: Rates and program specifications are subject to change without notice. It's always advisable to consult with a financial expert to understand the most current terms and how they apply to your specific situation.


No Ratio DSCR Loans can come in handy when you're under contract to purchase an investment home, and the market rental analysis report for your standard DSCR Loan Program comes in lower than you originally projected.  This happens from time to time and it's a risk in the process.   

If this value comes in too low, it can quickly send your loan approval into a tailspin, leading to an eventual loan denial, especially if it results in a DSCR Ratio < 0.75.  

In scenarios where this happens with our clients, we simply shift the loan into a No Ratio DSCR Loan Program, the loan continues to move forward.  This can alter the original terms of the loan (like LTV and interest rate), and your Loan Originator discuss the changes so you can make an informed decision.

Ideal Scenarios for No Ratio DSCR Loans

No Ratio DSCR Loans are particularly useful in specific investment contexts. They are an excellent choice for properties that have been mismanaged or those where the market rent analysis yields a value lower than initially projected. This loan type offers investors the flexibility to acquire properties that may not generate immediate cash flow but have substantial potential for future profitability. 

It's a strategic tool for investors who can foresee the long-term gains of a property beyond its current financial performance.

Comparing with Alternative Financing Options

No Ratio DSCR Loans stand out when compared to alternatives like hard money loans. They offer a comparable level of flexibility but typically come with more favorable terms, 30 year terms (instead of 1 year hard-money terms), lower rates and fewer points.  

This makes them an attractive option for investors looking to avoid the steep costs associated with hard money lending.

How to Run Your Own DSCR Scenarios

Utilize our free tools like our own DSCR CALCULATOR to run your own loan scenarios for potential investments.

The Bottom Line

For the discerning property investor, a No Ratio DSCR Loan can be a game-changer. It's a simple, yet sophisticated financial tool that, when used under the right circumstances, can significantly improve the potential of a real estate investment. While it demands a careful consideration of credit scores and LTV ratios, its benefits in the right investment scenario are undeniable.

In conclusion, No Ratio DSCR Loans are not just another financing option; they are a strategic choice for investors who understand the intricacies of the real estate market and are skilled in navigating its challenges. 

With this knowledge, you are better equipped to make informed decisions, potentially transforming your investment approach and driving success in your real estate endeavors.

We lend in 29 states and aim to be your preferred lender for current and future real estate transactions. We're here to support your journey! Simply give us a call so we run some numbers for you and answer all your questions!

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Yours in successful homeownership,

Derek Bissen
Loan Originator
Unconventional Lending Program Director


Derek Bissen is a licensed Mortgage Loan Originator with over 25 years of experience in the industry. Derek is a self-employed lending expert who is known for his ability to work with borrowers who have substantial wealth and non-traditional lending needs. He is a creative loan structurer and specializes in portfolio lending, asset-based lending, bank statement lending, as well as traditional loans such as Conventional, FHA, VA, and first-time homebuyers. Derek's expertise in the mortgage industry is unparalleled. He is a trusted advisor to his clients, providing them with customized loan solutions that meet their unique financial goals and needs. His vast experience and knowledge make him a valuable asset to anyone looking to purchase a home or refinance their existing mortgage. As a highly-experienced loan originator and author, Derek is committed to sharing his knowledge with others. He regularly provides valuable insights and advice to readers looking to navigate the complex world of mortgage lending. His articles are informative, engaging, and backed by years of hands-on experience. With his wealth of knowledge and dedication to his clients, he is the go-to source for all your mortgage lending needs. If you're looking for a reliable and trustworthy mortgage expert, contact Derek today to learn more about how he can help you achieve your financial goals.

Written by

Derek Bissen

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